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Couch Rally

A cross-generation couch racing game played on Big Screen and controlled through your smartphone.

Couch Rally is currently entering the prototype phase. The anticipated release Date is Q2 2019.

The Game has no home yet and is looking for publishers or partners to bring the vision to life.

Are you a publisher?

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Couch rally is a 3D, four player, local competitive racing game designed for cross-generation players from the very young to the very wise.

The cars race autonomous and are controlled indirect through sequentially  issued orders with  the players smartphones. These orders are executed for each car at the sime time.

Sounds fun? IT IS VERY, VERY MUCH!

PC Windows, Switch, PS4 and Android TV

Financially supported


BitPunked Games is a small, inspiring video games company, founded in summer 2017 in Munich by Erik Oey. 

It's goal is to create games that make lasting fun, offtrack the mainstream.

Erik Oey

Erik Oey